Designed by Octavia Soebiyanto studying at Singapore Raffles Design Institute.

For this homebase ‘grow your own’ product, it takes chewing gum shape as it is quite small so it can reduces the production cost and material-used. By using more sustainable material such as biodegradable paper and plastic, it can reduces the nature-distraction effected by packaging. The product is small also caused by consideration of the target market which is novice gardener. Someone who is new or still want to try, surely don’t want to spend his money on something that they are still new.

Homebase’s ‘grow your own’ product range are also considering the cultural aspect in society. UK people tend to eat chewing gum anytime. It can be seen from endless and permanent bits of chewing gum littering the streets of the UK. So, it can be a unique selling point that differentiates Homebase’s ‘grow your own’ product from their competitors.



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