There’s no reason your workday shouldn’t be fun, a little fun while working can’t harm anyone! Here’s a list of cool office supplies that will sure add fun and humor to your workday. No more complaining about a boring day at the office!

360° Pen: Give the pen a whirl and have fun! Buy it here ($7.50)

The Daily Mood: fair warning for your co-workers. Let everyone at the office know how you’re feeling. Choose from 47 moods available, each with its own smiley and a snarky definition. Buy it here ($10.42)

Iconoclasps: the new shape of paperclips and bookmarks. Modern paperclips that turn your paperwork into artwork. Buy it here ($6.95)

InAnimate: Get creative with these stickers and turn your stapler, your mug, your computer mouse or whichever object you like into a fun character. Buy it here ($4.77)

Murder, Ink: deadly serious sticky notes. This sticky notes pad is perfect for angry notes, to-do lists, and maybe hit lists. Comes equipped with a blood spattered pen. Buy it here ($8.95)

Talk Bubble: conversational paperclips. Cartoon-inspired paperclips that draw more attention to your notes. Buy it here ($4.95)